Ohioans For Ted

I support Ted because he's for us. He's always been about honesty and integrity and he's always been a fair leader. I like him because he sees things the way we do. Reba - Toledo
I am on #TeamTed because Ted has dedicated his life to serving people. He started from humble beginnings and knows what it is like to work hard. During his time in Congress, he advocated for working families, children, and veterans and as governor he fought to make college more affordable for students. Sunder - Cleveland
Ted Strickland believes that a woman should receive equal pay for equal work, our children should be safe from gun violence, union workers are the backbone of a healthy economy, and young people should not be burdened with insurmountable student debt in order to pursue their dreams. Ted stands for Ohio. Brooke - Columbus
I support Ted Strickland for Senate because he fights for important issues like women’s health and college affordability. Ted stands up for the middle and working class, and he doesn’t allow his vote to be bought. Ted is the champion we need in the Senate. Kyndal - Georgetown
I support Ted because he is a proven fighter for my right to receive an affordable higher education. Ted is a firm believer in keeping big money influence out of politics and believes in the democratic process. He gives me a chance to help make progressive change for Ohio and for the USA. Alex - Gambier
Issues come and go but the one constant in good statesmanship is the person of character. That's what we feel about Ted Strickland and that's why we support him. Alta - Georgetown
Back in 2012 I was laid off, but Ted empowered me by mentioning my name in his 2012 DNC speech and that gave me some hope. Thanks to Ted, Jeep and Chrysler stayed in Toledo and now we are operating full throttle and my future is promising. Ted greatly improved the job prospects in Ohio so I support him. James - Toledo
I am a supporter of Ted Strickland because he is a supporter of me. He supports my right to make my own health care decisions. Jennifer - Berea
I support Ted because he is still fighting for the average citizen, even after years of serving in government. I know he'll represent the values I cherish and be a strong voice in the US Senate. Jake - Athens
I support Ted Strickland because he wants my vote and not my paycheck. Ted has a long history of supporting students and the middle class, upholding values from his roots without being afraid to stand up as a progressive leader. Riley - Gambier
Ted is a deeply passionate human being that cares about ALL people and is not afraid to make tough choices. Bill - Marietta
I support Ted Strickland because he always fights for us. Ariana - Cleveland